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Lodging and Food

We have a couple lodging options. Our first class housing (Executive House) cost a little more, and is a nice four bedroom, five bathroom house.

Our other sleeping facilities are two doublewide mobile homes with a large connecting room between the mobile homes. the large room has a full size pool table, card table, foosball table and rifle racks. Each doublewide has a master bedroom with bathroom. there are three other bedrooms which share a bath in each side of the mobile home.

There is no need to bring any bedding as we provide this for you. We do not provide satelllite TV, but we do have numerous tapes and dvds. Each home has a refridgerator. Coffee fixins are in the kitchens as well.

Homestyle Meals and Accomodations

The best way to describe the food is it is a "Cracker Barrel" like. Our coooking is like what you get at Cracker Barrel. For breackfast we have coffee, orange juice, cereals, doughnuts, sausage and biscuts. We used to make a full breakfast, but most of our hunters would not partake, so we went to a smaller breakfast.

Lunch is soup and sandwhiches or something similar. With supper being our big meal, we eat big and talk about the one that didn't get away or the bigger one that did get away. We try to make our hunters feel at home. We learn out hunters' first name and call them by their first name. All our meals are served in the dinning hall.