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Wild Hog Hunts

hog hunts

Hog Hunts Available

Mississippi WILD HOG Hunting 


Each adventure occurs OVERNIGHT !

Rifle w/ night vision scopes (provided)

Fully-guided hunts

One Nighttime Hunt includes:

Safety training;

transportation to and from covered stand;

use of night-vision equipment;

TWO hogs 

game cleaning

suppressor hunt*


(* available at extra charge)

Hog hunt prices

Prices and Extras


One Nighttime Adventure:  $500  per person

(Ranch rifle w/ night vision scope)

or $400 

(Hunter's own rifle w/ hunter's night vision scope)

Arrive 3 PM;  depart 5 AM next morning

Includes one night of hunting, unlimited hogs and guide services


Ranch rifle w/night vision & suppressor:  $100

CONSECUTIVE Friday and Saturday night HUNTS: $900 per person

Arrive 3 PM Friday;  depart 7 AM Sunday

Includes taking unlimited hogs, guide services, lodging, meals, and fishing (bring equipment)

Hog hunting dates

Hog Hunts - Available Dates


Call Mark now to book: 601-692-3224

Email:  mckranch.mark@gmail.com

Friday, Feb 5   or   Saturday, Feb 6     

Booked Feb 22 & 12      

Booked Friday, Feb 18      

Saturday, Feb 19     

No hunting Feb 25 - 26  

Booked March 4 - 5

Friday, March 11    or       Saturday, March 12        

Friday, March 18   or    Saturday, March 19

Friday, March 25   or   Saturday, March 26              

Booked April 1 - 3 

Friday, April 8   or   Saturday, April 9

No hunting Easter/ Passover  weekend (4/15 - 4/17)

Friday, April 22   or   Saturday, April 23               

Friday, April 29   or     Saturday, April 30

Friday, May 6   or         Saturday, May 7   

No hunting May 13-14 nor May 20-21       

Friday, May 27   or       Saturday, May 28

Friday, June 3          

Booked June 4                                      

Friday, June 10   or      Saturday, June 11

Friday, June 17   or      Saturday, June 18        

Friday, July 1    or        Saturday, July 2

Friday, July 8   or      Saturday, July 9              

Friday, July 15   or    Saturday, July 16

Friday, July 22    or      Saturday, July 23             

Friday, July 29    or      Saturday, July 30

Friday, August 5   or     Saturday, August 6         

Friday, August 12   or    Saturday, August 13

Friday, August 19   or    Saturday, August 20       

Friday, August 26    or    Saturday, August 27

Friday, September 2   or     Saturday, September 3      

Friday, September 9   or    Saturday, September 10

Friday, September 16   or     Saturday, September 17       

Friday, September 23   or     Saturday, September 24

Friday, September 30   or   Saturday, October 1

No hog hunting after October 1

Hog hunting details

Hog Hunting Details

Details about our hog hunts

Hunters are requested to have a late lunch or early supper before arriving at the Ranch.  Water and snacks will be available, but no meals will be served for one-night-only hunters.  Upon each hunter's arrival, after balance payment, we will discuss the Safety Guidelines and sign Safety and Liability forms.

Hunters will be schooled in the operation of our rifles with night vision equipment.  Hunters will demonstrate understanding and proper weapon handling at the range, located on-site.  

Our guides will transport hunters to covered, baited stands.  We monitor the game cameras frequently to ensure successful hunts.

If you bring your own rifle with night vision, you may hunt alone on our stands.  Hunters who use our rifles w/ night vision must be accompanied by a full-time guide. 

HEAD SHOTS ONLY - we do not track wounded hogs at night due to safety reasons.  If no hogs are detected at the baited stands, hunters with guides may tour the area in vehicles for signs and activity of hogs.  Again, head shots are required for successful harvest.  

After the game is harvested, the hunter & guide will load up the hogs and  return to the Lodge.  Hunters are welcome to clean their own game; or our guides will clean game. 

NOTE:  Since wild hogs are migratory, it is possible hog presence may not be detected on a given night.  Hunters are welcome to shoot coyotes during any hunt (in addition to hogs).  Hunters may also take beavers or other non-regulated game.  Of course, no turkey or deer out of season, no owls, no hawks, no buzzards, no fox, nor raccoons are allowed. 

What to bring:

  • flashlights
  • bug repellent
    • we have Thermacell 
  • appropriate clothing for weather
    • rubber boots
    • rain gear
  • water containers
  • pistols (optional)

Mississippi requires a Non-Resident Game hunting license for stalking hogs:  Visit the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks for information.  


We manage our property for timber, cattle, and wildlife, working toward "a livestock and wildlife paradise."  We are happy to answer your questions regarding our practices.