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Mississippi Eastern Wild Turkey Hunts

Mississippi Eastern Wild Turkey Hunts


In Mississippi, we can hunt turkeys from mid-March to the end of April. State guidelines only allow longbeards to be harvested during turkey seasons. The beard must be at least 6 inches long. No jakes or hens may be harvested in Mississippi. No rifles may be used. You may use a bow or shotgun.

We scout heavily for turkeys before and during the season, plus years of hunting here gives us the knowledge of where the turkeys hang out. We cut timber regularly, managing it to increase the wildlife carrying capacity. Turkeys like to be able to see, so they avoid thick cover. Turkeys like to roost in big timber and fly down in open areas. Therefore, when we cut our timber, we keep all wildlife in mind.  We want you to have a successful hunt and we believe you will like what you see.   

Mississippi Turkey Hunting

Mississippi Turkey Hunting

Our hunters arrive AFTER lunchtime. Check-in will not be taken before 1 PM.  We have a safety talk and sign release of liability papers. We discuss any health problems or special needs which could affect your hunt. We assign a room. Then we go hunting, by approximately 2 PM. We have had hunters kill a gobbler within minutes of starting to hunt. Most of the time, the turkey hunters try to roost a turkey and learn the land. Since everyone has a cell phone now with GPS and mapping, most hunters don't need a guide. While you are hunting, we are scouting. You can text me for any suggestions on possible turkey movements.

In the mornings, hunters are on-site before the turkeys come off the roost. Most hunters hunt till 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning (that is, if you don't kill a tom earlier). We come in for lunch around noon,  then continue hunting later in the day, until 30 minutes past sunset (dark-thirty). The success rate on toms is greater than 50%.

Even though we can start hunting mid-March, the longbeards really don't start gobbling until later. Of course, this can change with the weather. Be sure to bring your rubber boots: it tends to get damp here in the spring.  We do our best to be close to God, but He is in charge of the weather.  We hunt rain or shine, hot or cold, flooding or dusty. Bring good boots and rain gear. Mosquito repellent is also a good idea.  We do our best to adjust for rough weather, which can have a huge impact on wildlife movement.  We do have some sheltered stands for emergencies. 

We will not take more than 5 hunters at a time. We spread out to prevent hunting over each other. Also, we don't book hunts back-to-back to avoid putting too much pressure on the birds.

Turkey Hunting Rates and Dates

Turkey Hunting Dates and Rates

Turkey Season 2023

Two - day Hunt Packages 


(Friday noon - Sunday noon)

Includes hunt, lodging, meals, and services. 

Longbeards only

Two gobbler limit


2023  Available Dates

(Arrive 1 PM Friday; hunt Friday afternoon, all day Saturday, and until noon on Sunday)

We ARE booked for the 2023 season for turkey hunts.

 We limit our turkey hunters to FIVE (5) per weekend.  Please book early to guarantee your spot.

March 17 - 19

March 24 - 28

March 31 - April 2

Easter weekend: no hunting

April 14 - 16

April 21 - 22

These are 2-day hunts. If you would like to add a day or Sunday afternoon, please contact us.  Most hunters are only good for 2 days of getting up early, walking, and actively hunting, but we do have some hunters arrive Thursday afternoon and hunt til Sunday noon.

We will offer 3-day hunts in the 2024 season. 

2 days/ 1 bird $1250  or  2 days /2 birds $1500   or   3 days / 2 birds $1750

Dates for 2024: 

March 15 - 17 (2 days)    Season opens March 15

March 22-24 (2 days)   or   March 21 - 24 (3 days)

No hunting Easter weekend

April 5 - 7 (2)   or    April 5 - 8 (3)

April 12 - 14 (2)   or   April 12 - 15 (3)

April 19 - 21 (2)   or   April 19 - 22 (3) 

Two adult gobblers  is our limit.  Mississippi law prohibits harvesting jakes or hens.

Price does not include a hunting licenseCall 1-800-5-GOHUNT (1-800-546-4868) or go to mdwfp.com 

You will also be required to report your harvest on the Mississippi Dept of Wildlife and Fisheries (link above) or call 1-800-BE-SMART before 10 PM on the day of harvest.  

We ask that you show up around 1:00 the afternoon of your hunt, after you have had lunch.                  Laurel (south of us on I-59), Meridian (north of us on 1-59/20), and Waynesboro (east on Hwy 45) have various restaurants.  You can also obtain your hunting license at any Mississippi Walmart in these towns before you arrive, as well as last-minute supplies and gear. 

Please - do not arrive before noon.  We want to be ready for you and to give you our full attention. 

Some years the turkeys mate early in the season; some years they mate later.  It is anyone's guess.  We have had Opening Weekend hunters get unhappy by seeing only a few birds, but a week later, birds are everywhere.

We are working diligently to protect our turkey habitat.  Local trappers help us out tremendously to catch "egg eaters" and predators.  We now offer hog hunts at night.  Check out our hog pages and consider scheduling a hog hunt this year.  

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